What was most important to us when we started teaching our workshops was to hold nothing back. We believe that if you are at a place where you are teaching a workshop, you should not be afraid of teaching all of your "secrets." We really want each attendee of our workshops to walk away feeling like they got it. They got our why. Our reason for shooting the way we do. How we shoot the way we do. Our post production. How we run our business. How we sell. And how we make boudoir more than just a pretty shoot for our clients. That it has meaning for them as much as for us.  

We want our attendees leaving our workshops feeling that they have the confidence to shoot the way they want to. To produce work that is just as meaningful to them as ours is to us. And to take away from our workshops everything they need to take their boudoir business to the place they dream it to be. 

If you don't see your city on the list of our new workshops, send us an email and we'll let you know how to get us to your end of the woods. Join our newsletter to be the first to find out about any of our future workshops! 

Do More Wear Less Atlanta

It's your turn Atlanta GA! Brianna and Ewan will be bringing their DMWL Workshop to you this October 4th! A full day of education, starting with looking at ourselves as artists and the inspiration that helps to propel your craft and business. Followed by shooting alongside Ewan as he breaks down everything that he looks for while creating images for their clients. The afternoon is spent with Brianna as she breaks down all you need to know about how we run our business, along with sales tips, how to run a meeting and more. Rounding out the day, Ewan breaks down his editing so that you can see his process from beginning to the end product.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Do More Wear Less Calgary

We're coming home Canada! This June 7th, 2016, we will be holding our Do More Wear Less Workshop in Calgary! Like all of our workshops, it will be nothing held back, everything you need to know to push yourself into or up in your Intimate Lifestyle Photography business.

Broken into two parts, the day starts with the group together in classroom style, being walked through our business practices, inspiration, client interaction, and making sales. We will be pointing out all of the key aspects that have helped to grow our Intimate Lifestyle Photography business into an international success. The second part of the day will be shooting along-side me. I will break down everything that I am looking at while I am shooting, from posing, to light, to composition, to themes. 

Do More Wear Less Austin

August 12, 2015

We will be bringing our one day workshop to Austin on August 12th! Austin has always been a city we wanted to visit. We have heard nothing but amazing things about it from our fellow Canadian friends who have visited, so we had to put it on our list of cities to have a workshop at! 

This workshop will give you the tools you need to start, grow or explode your boudoir business. Our shooting is honest and blunt and our workshop are no different. We do not believe in holding back secrets. We don't believe in not answering questions that are asked. The workshop is there to help you!

Broken into two parts, the day starts with the group together in classroom style, being walked through our business practises, pointing out all of the key aspects that have helped to grow our boudoir business into an international success. The second part of the day will be shooting along side Ewan. He will break down everything that he is looking at while he is shooting, from posing to light, to composition, to themes. 

With only a few cities left for 2015 workshops, this isn't one you are going to want to miss!

What Others Are Saying:

This workshop was a game changer for my business... It showed me how to embrace the body, and beauty of your subject in an innovative, creative way. The lighting techniques and poses were priceless.. it’s given me the extra push to be more fearless in my work.
— Amy Gawlik
I am riding a huge inspiration wave! Thank you so much to both yourself and Ewan! I feel like I have a path... haven’t felt that way in a few years! This is going to sound crazy- but my ah ha moment was- holy shit, if I don’t ask client to spend money, they won’t spend money. Sounds silly but the Canadian in me felt guilty for asking them to spend money, I was waiting for them to ask me to take their money. As soon as I sat down with them and have them something to spend money on, they did. THANK YOU!
— Caitlin Cleveland
When I went to the Last Forty Percent’s workshop in Austin I was hoping it would teach me to make my boudoir images sexy instead of glamorous. I needed an edge and didn’t quite know how to achieve it. The entire experience was fantastic! Ewan is kind, patient, relaxed, confident and such a good teacher. He made me feel that any question was valid and if I didn’t communicate my question clearly, he took the time to understand. Ewan has a reason he takes boudoir photos, beyond just having a business and making money. It made me question why I take these images and why my clients want them. I think my couples want to celebrate their sexual relationship with each other, turn each other on, and keep the passion alive. Glamour shots will not accomplish this. I want to help them fully express their sexuality and desire for each other. Thank you Last Forty Percent for sharing your time, talent, and why with me. Thank you for doing what you do!
— Daylene Wilson