What Others Are Saying:

There are very few people in this industry that shoot with no regrets and who shoot with no apologies. The industry and the images from it, at times feel like mirror images of itself. That is, until you look at Ewan and Brianna’s work. It is unapologetic. It is real. Honest. Raw. It is true to who there are. They know not everyone will agree with it or even like but that is what is so amazing and beautiful about this husband and wife team. They shoot for themselves. They shoot what makes them happy and by doing this they attract clients that hand over 110% trust to them. You can see it in their wedding work and it is very evident in their boudoir work. I think the industry needs more artists like them who truly have a voice. A recognizable voice, unique, unapologetic voice. We can all learn from them regardless if its weddings you shoot, families or boudoir. To shoot with no apologies is something we all need to do and Ewan and Brianna are the perfect couple to teach us this.
— Gabe McClintock
Brianna and Ewan have the ability to entertain an audience with their words alone. They’re incredibly articulate, comfortable, confident and need no other fanfare to keep the captivated attention of a large audience. Opening the floor at Canada Photo Convention, they were at times funny, extremely informative and honest and it was all intermingled with a beautiful love that you could see and feel between them. Both their boudoir and wedding work is extremely out-of-the-box and a style-all-their own. They are well respected leaders in the industry and their work is continually pushing the envelope. Despite this, they are two very humble, down-to-earth and open hearted individuals. At the Canada Photo Convention, their contributions extended far beyond their talk. They spent the whole three days mingling with other participants, answering questions, talking openly and most importantly, partying with everyone. I can’t wait to see these two again
— Two Mann Studios
When your art is a true reflection of your being, when it is an extension of your voice. That is Ewan Phelan.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know, be shot by and learn from Ewan and Brianna Phelan and my work and business has never been stronger as a result. Learning why to create an image was something that I had never heard as an approach to photography prior to meeting them. Not how to take an image, but what will the image say about your clients and you as an artist.

Having being shot by Ewan and Brianna for a couple family sessions, we have been gifted with images that not only show what our family looks like, but who we are as a family. Whether you are interested in being captured by Ewan, you can expect to not only receive stunning images but to walk away feeling empowered and appreciative of who you are and what is important. If you are a photographer hoping to learn how to make the leap from being in business as a photographer, to how to excel in the industry as an artist with something to say, nothing will impact your career more.
— Aron Goss
After seeing Brianna and Ewan speak, I felt as though I truly was able to own the sexualty, freedom and creativity that is inherent in boudoir photography. I was feeling pretty stuck after 5 years of owning Peekaboo Portland Boudoir, and felt like I was photographing the same cutie-pie poses with jerseys, legs up the bed, etc. After learning to really understand the “why” behind what I do, I fell in love with boudoir all over again, found my voice as an artist and my recent clients are purchasing more wall art and albums than ever. Thank you!
— Jessica Hill
Ewan and Brianna are awesome teachers and people. Their craft & business is solid & remarkable. I think they can bring so many elements to the table for every photogs interested in learning and would love to see them speak at any conference!
— Fer Juaristi
I realized during my conversation with her that ever since I heard you guys on CL, it opened up the last block around my own shame regarding sexuality and the body. I’ve taken a step back and see the ridiculousness of it all...our needless fear, suffering, shame, labeling, false concepts, limiting beliefs, etc., and am grateful for the courage you have in speaking the Truth: our beliefs are entirely self-constructed.
I’ve worked diligently for the 49 years I’ve been on this planet, and have gotten used to being marginalized for my outta-the-box views on life and reality. Listening to you both speak a couple weeks ago was the final piece that I was able to put in place. Your talk set me free and it’s showing up in every area of my life.
I know these are kinda grandiose statements, but when people share the impact I’ve had on their lives, it lets me know I’m on the right path.
You two are on the right path. You are healing this world, one client at a time and have made the world a better place simply because you’re here.
Thank you!
— S. O.
Being able to attend the Last 40% workshop was a dream. I have enjoyed watching them grow and push the boundaries for the past few years, I truly wanted to meet them and understand how they are able to let go and push for their mission. Just being able to hear Ewan speak and to see his process throughout a session, was worth it to me. He was very open to answering any questions big or small and takes his time to answer and be sure you’ve understood him. It was very informative, fun and interactive. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Ewan and it was worth my investment. I choose VERY carefully where to spend the money I save for investing in my education & empowerment, and it took me 2 years to be able to do this past workshop.
— Shiang-Lin
In my years before the workshop, I followed Ewan and Brianna like clockwork. I studied their work like I was taking a test on them later…every new post on Facebook was a mini Christmas. Frankly, I couldn’t figure out why I thought their work was so great...it just was. I had scoured the web for the best boudoir photographers and was consistently drawn back to their work. Knowing little about Canada, I assumed I would never have a chance to be a part of a workshop with them. Come to find out, their studio was a couple hours past Detroit, a mere six hour drive for us. I jumped at the opportunity to be in their workshop. I would have paid anything.
Cutting straight to the point, the workshop offered by Last Forty Percent CHANGED MY LIFE. I wasn’t terrible at boudoir photos, but I certainly wasn’t a craftsman. I knew concepts of light and how it hit bodies, but like most, the art of posing was foreign to me. By the end of the workshop, I felt incredibly confident about how to pose, light and manage boudoir clients. After the workshop, I hit the ground running – booking and shooting with a new sense of confidence and pride. The workshop gave me some fresh new images for my portfolio and the skills taught to me were concise, easy to implement into my own style.
Ewan and Brianna conducted a workshop that gave me the mindset and the skills to move forward with my own boudoir studio. Since the workshop, my wife and I redirected our attention to form a competitive boudoir studio. We rented a beautiful downtown studio space and have since made plans to build an even bigger studio. In essence, I now look at EVERY boudoir image I come across and think, “how would Ewan have posed or shot this”.It took my wife and I about 20 weddings before we were comfortable and confident in the product we were delivering. After one workshop with Last Forty Percent, I felt like I could conquer the world and my first boudoir sessions showed it. I highly recommend the experience of a workshop from The Ewan and Brianna. You will never be the same.
— Seth Kerechanin
Brianna and Ewan, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you both what a difference my experiences with you have made. Having both attended the workshop and having been photographed by Ewan was such an eye opener. I’d already been shooting women for about 5 years and felt fairly confident in what I was delivering to my clients. After our couples session I understood more of what it meant to create an experience for clients. Although my husband I were excited about the images – which we love – the session itself is where the magic happened. I’ve been married for 6 years and not since we were dating was there that kind of giddy energy between us. Fast forward a few months and I’m leaving your two day workshop armed with all kinds of information about creating that magic for my own couples, understanding my clients, feeling like my boudoir shooting is tighter, cleaner and more interesting. I now shoot unapologetically, pushing my clients just beyond their comfort zone, and creating images that astound them. Thanks for being generous with your time, your knowledge and your support. It’s all very much appreciated.
— Kate Hood
Attending a workshop with The Last Forty Percent has been, by far, the best investment in my boudoir business to date. My photo compositions and posing have improved greatly. People have commented that they can clearly see a difference in my work from post workshop to now. I was looking for that push to get a bit sexier and edgier with my photos and they helped me with that so much. Also on the business side, my sales have doubled by implementing what I learned at the workshop. It truly was a priceless experience and worth every penny!
— Miranda Parker
I attended your workshop in Edmonton last October. It was my first time traveling outside the country and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Watching you and Ewan speak about your “why” and watching Ewan shoot caused an epiphany for me. The experience was truly life changing.
I finally felt that I was able to shoot the way I wanted. It was as though I had been granted permission to not only shoot how I felt, but to unrestrain a part of myself that I felt needed to be hidden. I rediscovered myself and my passions.
This past year I have been implementing a lot of what I learned.
This month has been particularly difficult for me. I have been experiencing a burn out like none other I have felt before. I have felt uninspired. I have questioned my business and why I do what I do. I have wanted to give it all up.
I cannot tell you how deeply this Creative Live broadcast has resonated with me. It hit me hard, both professionally and personally.
I sit here with tears wanting to yell a big “thank you” at the top of my lungs. What you two do is nothing short of incredible. Being able to sit down and speak with you two helped me when I needed it, and hearing you speak has helped me at one of my lowest points today.
What you do matters. And it’s life changing. And it’s beautiful.
Your words touched my soul today and I really needed to hear them.
I will always be your biggest cheerleader and I really look forward to seeing you again (trust me, it’s going to happen! Two of my goals are a session and one on one mentoring with you guys.)
Thank you. So much.
— LeZandra Persinger
The workshop was fabulous! Not only did it give me the opportunity to learn from the best of the best in the industry, but it also gave me an opportunity to get to know them and connect with other photographers looking to build their boudoir photography businesses. Both Ewan and Brianna are wonderful people and fantastic teachers...covering everything both from the business side and the creative aspects of their boudoir photography business. It gave me the opportunity to see Ewan interact with clients, as well as get some hands on experience photographing the models, with guidance along the way. I would recommend their workshop to anyone looking to advance in boudoir photography.
— Darlene McCowan
I watched your class yesterday on CreativeLive. So much information in such little time. You and your husband are a very dynamic team! I watched it backwards...lol..Catching after the first break and seeing the models/posing etc...thru to end. that in and of its self was incredible...small moves...little changes making for incredible, suggestive imagery. Then I watched the entire replay last night. I’m really impressed as were the others watching from online yesterday. I don’t know if you got to see the messages coming through after your class....but folks were going crazy. They ( me included) would LOVE to see you guys back again on CL. I’m all connected...logged in, got the app which ‘ll spend some time reading today. Thank you again
— Robyn Bohen
I mostly want to say thank you for such a unique learning experience. A good portion of the class focused on shooting and posing, which is always a good thing to learn, but what I loved the most about it all was how Ewan also made sure we understood what he looked at and shot for with each pose in relation to lighting and his own vision. For this reason, the beginning of the class was probably my favorite part - specifically because of his information on how he takes inspiration from other artists, especially those outside of the photography community, and he made note of how we can do that, too. It seems like you can always find people answering vaguely, saying, “I find inspiration in books, in Nature, everywhere, etc.,” but Ewan’s concrete examples within his own work are what finally helped that concept click for me. In fact, this was information I didn’t even know I was looking for before the workshop! So, again, I just want to say thank you. And actually, I probably could have listened to him talk about the topic of inspiration for, like, another two hours! lol.
— Laura Smith
I have only been in the Wedding and Boudoir industry for a couple years and though I had a contract I pieced together, I never felt like it was enough. I found myself learning from bad experiences and coming home to revise my contracts yet again.

As soon as the Do More Wear Less Contract Bundle was available, I bought it. Not only has every point I needed already there, but it was already in PDF form and ready to be customized for digital signature!! I just added my custom info, sent it to my iPad and was ready for my meetings with my client with a professional contract. I’m certain that DAYS of my life have been saved from being lost by trying to accomplish what this pack has already done for me! I have never found such value in a Contract Pack before. If you’re hesitating for for even a second - DON’T. Just do it. Protecting your buisness and placing a value on the time it would take you to do these contracts yourself or with your lawyer, is worth FAR more than the cost of this pack!
— Jennifer Darcey