1. Are all of the contracts the same?

No. Each contract is specific to one area only. If you shoot more than one genre of photography or have staff, we recommend purchasing the discounted bundle.

2. Can I add my own logo and business details?

Yes, absolutely. The contract is fully customizable and we've even highlighted the areas you will want to put your own information (ie. Payment dates and fees).

3. Will I receive something in the mail or is this product electronic?

We're all about saving the environment, and in order to make the contracts customizable, they are in electronic format as PDF. 

4. So, how do I use this with clients if I don't get something on tangible paper?

The contracts have been sized and designed for you to print on standard 8.5 x 11 paper. As for the colour, pattern or background, that's totally up to you. However, we do recommend crisp white paper for a professional look. 

5. What if I want to have clients sign one electronically?

That's totally doable. We recommend a program like DocuSign where clients can sign on an iPad or comparable product.

6. I'm not very computer savy. Are the contracts easy to use? Will you personalize it for me?

You bet it's easy. They are broken into sections and have notes of where to input your business information. You're responsible for customizing it yourself, although we're happy to answer any questions if you need a bit of help.

7. Can I sell this product?

Sorry, but no. By being on this site and by purchasing an item, you are agreeing that you will not sell, share or re-distrubte the contracts. 

8. But aren't I purchasing the copyright?

No. You're purchasing the rights to use the contracts and personalize them. We own the content and design. 

9. What if I download the files and lose them?

It's your responsiblity to back up the files. Because the products are digitally delivered, they will not be re-sent to you or replaced if you lose them. We recommend backing them up on your desktop and in a secondary location.

10. I have an office assistant who works on a separate computer. Can I share the contracts between the two computers?

Yes, because the two computers are within your office. You may not share externally (see below).

11. Can I share the contracts with my friends, classmates, colleagues or provide them to photographers who learn from me?

No, sorry. We have 2 cute little kids who need a roof over their head and this is how we provide for our family. Also, stealing isn't cool. When purchasing these contracts you are agreeing that they are for your own personal use only and you will not share them with anyone (except your assistant staring at you from across the room).

12. I'm a graphic designer or teacher. Can I purchase your product? 

Sorry, this is for photographers only and for your own personal use only.

13. What does it mean when you say the contracts are professionally written?

We have worked with a lawyer to create these documents. Because every Country, State and Province have their own laws regarding photography and business, we are not able to make a legally binding contract for each specific area. These contracts are a template and guideline that you will need to personalize with your own regional regulations. We strongly recommend you contact your own lawyer to make theme legally binding for your Country, State or Province.

14. I purchased your product and love it, but had an unexpected expense come up in my life. Can I get my money back?

Because of the nature of the product, no refunds will be given. All sales are final.

15. I ordered your product but can't find it in my inbox. What do I do?

Hang tight for a few minutes. It can sometimes take up to 24 hours for the files to arrive in your inbox, but if you completed the order properly you will receive a receipt immediately. Take a peek in your spam/junk folder too. And make sure you completed the entire order form with the correct email address. If it's still not there send us a note and we'll investigate. You just need to show us proof of purchase from your credit card company.

16. I really love your product. Can I promote it on social media or at a workshop/conference?

Are puppies adorable? Of course you can. Please just ensure to properly source us with a website link (www.domorewearless.com) and make sure to state it is not your product, but that you are sharing information about another company. No one wants any confusion.