Please find below a collection of various artists from around the world using DMWL LR Presets!

Colour LR Presets

In the course of his career Ewan has spent years sitting in front of his computer editing. In that time he has come up with a set of custom Lightroom presets to help create the unique look of his work. 

Made for LR 4 or above, these presets will help make your life easier. Less time sitting in front of the computer editing. More time behind the camera. Created to bring out the rich colours of your photos, allowing you to paint with light and shadow. 

Along with over 40 variations of presets, he has also created two sets of adjustments panels to make it even easier. No need to guess how much shadow or contrast. Just click the different options and find the exact look you desire. As well as colour adjustments to bring down orange skin, grass that is too green and more. 

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Black and White LR Presets

After the success of our DMWL Custom LR Presets, we are coming out with a new Black and White LR Presets Pack! Just like the first preset pack, these are the same presets that Ewan uses on his own photos.

Made for LR 4 or above, these presets will help make your life easier. Every photographer is always looking for that Black and White look that will make them stand out. Our Black and White LR presets mean less time sitting in front of the computer editing. More time behind the camera. 

Along with the two classic Studio B&W and Silver Bath from our first 'Colour LR Preset Pack, there are 10 new black and white presets, with over 60 variations. You will have every look you want for your black and white imagery. As well as our classic Adjustment Panel to help make simple adjustments to your photos when needed. 

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What Others Are Saying:

There was a time when I thought boudoir photography meant lots of photoshop. I’d spend way too much time using tools like liquify, portraiture, adjusting everything like exposure, contrast, shadows, curves, levels and saturation. In fact I’d easily spend over 10-20 minutes per photo, just to give it a commercial look, and I ended up having no consistency in my photos from shoot to shoot. I needed to become efficient, establish more consistency in the look of my work and rely less on the post and more on the photography, creating art, not digital mutilation. DMWL presets saved me.
I can blast through images with minor tweaks and any look I want to emulate for boudoir is right there at my fingertips … one touch and it’s done. It’s fast, easy, looks amazing and gives me the consistency and evoke the feeling that I want in my photos. No longer do I need to spend hours editing a shoot. I can select and edit in no time, produce amazing, artistic images with a high end, commercial look that’s unique and absolutely perfect for sensual, mysterious, intimate boudoir photography … and little to no photoshop.
I cannot recommend the DMWL presets to any boudoir (or wedding) photographer enough - they’re stunning!
— Jeff Cooke
Another amazing group of presets created by Ewan Phelan!
Just like with the previous color package, these black and white presets are definitely thought for photographers. They are beautiful, simple and worked perfectly with my images with no need for any tweaking.
Can’t wait to starting using these great presets on my next photoshoots.
— Joao Guedes
I really love the action “nice and clean”. It adds the perfect amount of pop/contrast to the image without making the subjects skin appear muddy or overworked. I love that there is the option for various versions of this action in matte as well! So good! Awesome job on the presets! I died over orange skin be gone....FUCK YES!
— Nicole Ashley
“CONGRATULATIONS Phelans!! The new DMWL presets are the best I’ve worked with, and Camille and I are excited about including and implementing your tool into our workflow. We know these are going to have a lot of photographers smiling, and you know just how happy that makes us!! Sending BIG LOVE and GRATITUDE your way!
— Chadwick (& Camille) Bensler JONETSU STUDIOS
What I love about the DMWL “Take is Slow” action is the warm tones and shadow details that give the image the final feeling of soft and intimate that I’m looking for. It also softened some skin blemishes that my client had on her arm... What?! Every other preset I’ve used has exaggerated blemishes and this will save me a lot of time in manually softening skin. I’m thrilled with the results.
— Abby Taylor
What I love about the black and white presets is that they really are practically 1 click and done edits. The only thing I adjusted on them was the blacks to suit my taste. I love the variety in tones as well as being able to add grain and/or matte to match your style.
— Miranda Parker