Do more photographers

Do More Photographers was the brain child of Ewan and Brianna. 

Ewan is an internationally published, traveling boudoir, and portrait photographer. His work has taken him around the world, commissioned to shoot in Paris, Australia, New York, Iceland, Scotland, New Zealand, the NWT, and from one side of North America to the other. His work has been published on such outlets as Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post in all languages, and has won numerous awards.  

Brianna Phelan is one of the leading educators of the business of photography, and is an expert in business management. With over a decade of experience running an internationally known photography company, Brianna will bring her expertise to any medium. She is a traveling educator of boudoir, commissioned to educate throughout the world.  

Their love of boudoir has also translated into teaching. For years they have sold out numerous workshops around North America and are the first boudoir photographers to teach at conferences such as Canada Photo Convention and Mystic Seminars. They were recently named one of the Top Ten Educators to watch by Rangefinder Magazine.

Ewan and Brianna's brain child Do More Photographers is an organization of photographers dedicated to the understanding that boudoir is an ever-evolving art form, with the mission of  continually elevating the industry. Members have a wide range of skills and experience, all coming together for shared education and community, including many of the top leaders in the industry. 

DMWL is a multi-faceted platform that has grown quickly with great respect in a short period of time. The Boudoir Forum is the leading education site, bringing these photographers together to participate in bi-weekly challenges with some of the biggest prizes in the industry; educational video tutorials; portfolio reviews; business discussion boards, and a community of like-minded individuals coming together for shared learning. As well, all members can submit for the Do More Photographers Blog and Instagram feed

Come sign up for The Boudoir Forum at : www.domoreforum.com. And send us a quick note for an invite to the DMWL Photographers private Facebook group.